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Pacific RainTM produces three styles of dog collars to fit your canine companion’s need.

The Martingale: Martingale collars are the safest and most commonly used collar for all sight-hounds, as well as many other breeds. Technically called a "double-loop" safety collar, it is also commonly known as a "Martingale" or "humane safety choke" collar. Quite simply, it is two loops. The outer loop being adjustable to the size of the dog's neck. The smaller loop is often referred to as the "the handle" and has a D-ring sewn onto it. When a leash is attached to the D-ring, the outer loop tightens around the dog's neck and prevents the dog from sliding backward out of the collar. The small loop allows the whole collar to decrease in size, evenly distributing pressure, and easing the strain on your dog’s neck and coat. The restraint is firm and secure, but never pinches or gags your dog.
3/4 Inch - $18.001 Inch - $22.001 1/2 Inch - $26.002 Inch - $33.002 1/2 Inch - $36.00

The Buckle: The buckle collar is probably what most new owners are accustomed to. This collar is made up of webbing, lined with imitation fur and accented with a trim of your choosing. Our Buckle collars are all handmade with plastic contour side release buckles and slides along with metal “D” rings. All collars are adjustable. Please visit our buckles page to see the variety of buckles we carry for 3/4" and 1" collars.
3/4 Inch - $18.001 Inch - $22.00*1 1/2 Inch - $26.002 Inch - $33.002 1/2 Inch - $36.00
*For 1 Inch Collars Add $2.00 for Metal or Reflective Buckles

The Tag: Tag Collars are a fairly new idea. Tag collars are used to attach a license, emergency information, rabies and any other tag. You can leave these collars on the dog at all times and just put the fancy collars on when taking your dog out. They do not have a “D” ring attached to them, so they are not meant to be the dogs’ only collar. All of our Tag Collars come in a variety of trims or solid color velvets. These are lined with matching high quality imitation fur.
1/2 Inch - $10.003/4 Inch - $12.001 Inch - $14.00

All collars created by Pacific RainTM are created with high quality webbing and imitation fur lining along with quality brass, stainless steel or plastic hardware. For your aesthetic pleasure, Pacific RainTM offers a variety of trims to accent your dog’s collar. All collars should be either hand washed or machine washed on delicate cycle in a laundry bag and then air dried. Please do not put your collar in the dryer as the hardware will damage your dryer.

It is because of our two wonderful greyhounds that Pacific RainTM was started in 2003. Our dogs fuel our creative energy and this is evident in the quality and beauty of the products that we create. Though our greyhounds spurred our creative juices, the products of Pacific RainTM have no specific bread delineations. We do not recommend any Pacific RainTM product for use on your feline companions.

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