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Walk with pride my little one
Safely by my side
Trust me to guide you through life
The "Walk With PRIDE" TM Child Harness is used in unison with Autism Assistance Dogs or a caretaker.

The Pacific RainTM Independence DevicE (PRIDETM) is used to tether the child to the dog or to their caretaker for their safety.
How to Measure for HarnessAvailable TrimsAdditional Charges
The following pictures show the harness' strength and safety.

The first set of pictures show Taehler (the beautiful model) pulling against the harness with all her might. The harness is in no way hurting her, and it is not putting pressure in any one area - keeping her safe and preventing any damage. The harness in the pictures is not lined (as it was a prototype) but it shows the design.

The next 2 pictures show Taehler's sister, who is 9 wearing the same harness...adjusted to fit her.

Here she is again, leaning with all her weight against the harness.

Taehler put more stress on the harness than would happen under normal circumstances. During the 30 minute test session she was (while having fun) drug across the floor, swung in the harness, pulled against the testers, then her mother checked her body for marks to see if it had left any injuries. The only place where there was a small red mark (which disappeared after about 20 minutes) was on her shoulder/neck, and only because this harness was not lined. There were absolutely no marks around her waist, or any other part of her body.

Dog harness with light blue velvet trim. See the full line of trims available.

How to Measure for the Harness:
Waist Provide the exact measurement, do not add or take away from it.
Front StrapFrom center of sternum (from center of the nipples) straight down to the waist.
Back StrapFrom center of shoulder blades straight down to the waist.
Top StrapsFrom center chest (same point as above for front strap) over the shoulder, to the center of the shoulderblades (again, same point as above).
Every harness is a special order, there is no "standard" size. There will be a base price for the harness and leash combo (all harnesses will automatically come with the leash), and the price will include the inner lining on the harness. Please contact Pacific Ran TM for pricing at pacificraininfo@comcast.net

There will be an additional charge if you want:
Collars Leashes PRIDe Harness Canine Comforts Order Form PDF
Please send questions and order requests to pacificraininfo@comcast.net.